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Inland DKI is a nationwide provider of accessibility modifications and specialized home remodeling products. We offer accessibility evaluations, consulting, and complete accessibility management. Through our strategically aligned network of product suppliers and licensed construction professionals, we provide accessibility modifications tailored to suite specific needs throughout the United States.

All too often, injured individuals return to their homes and face seemingly routine tasks that have become daunting as a result of their injury. Home is no longer the safe haven it once was. These challenges can be addressed, and we can help!

Whatever your accessibility challenge, our knowledgeable and professional team will work with you to find the solution that is best for you from installing roll-in and walk-in showers, ceiling lifts, stair lifts and door widening to vehicle modification and much more. Our goal in this process is to promote increased mobility and independence by providing an accessible living environment with a focus on safety and functionality.

The mission of Inland DKI is to enrich the life of each customer by providing unique solutions and exceptional service. By fulfilling this mission, Inland DKI will continue its tradition of being an innovative leader in the Accessibility Industry.

The Home Modification Process

Inland DKI strives to provide the highest quality of service with the utmost sensitivity to those requiring modifications to their home.

Once a claim is identified as one that will require home modifications, the insurer assigns the file to our Service Center.

Our accessibility specialist reviews the assignment to determine what the insurer is requesting be done. The insurer will either submit a scope/survey completed by a licensed therapist or will choose to have one of our accessibility specialists complete an on-site visit to determine the scope of work that is necessary.

In the event the insurer requests that Inland DKI complete the scope of work, it begins with a thorough phone survey with the primary care giver or personal primary contact in order to determine the current living arrangements and level of caretaker involvement. Inland DKI also reviews available recent medical and functional status documents to determine the injured workers functional and medical status.

Once the survey is completed, the assignment is given to the accessibility specialists who will complete an on-site visit. During this visit, complete measurements for the home are recorded, photos are taken and notes are made for specific items of importance.

Following the on-site visit, the accessibility specialists complete a final report. This report includes functional status, medical status, accessibility barriers, medical/functional necessity requirements, final recommendations, floor plan sketches and photos.

On line presentations are given following the submission of the home modifications report. The presentation is given to enhance the report and allows for questions and concerns to be discussed. The meeting is usually attended by the claims adjuster, claims handler, accessibility specialists, nurse case manager and other team members. The result is an agreement of the final scope of work.

The accessibility specialist now assigns a certified contractor to the job who is responsible to take the approved scope of work and submit a line item cost estimate.

Inland DKI then reviews the estimate for compliance to the scope, accessibility standards and accuracy of pricing. If the estimate passes the review process, it is submitted to the carrier for consideration..

Once the insurer authorizes the estimate, the contractor can begin work for the home modifications.

Once work begins, the Inland DKI Customer Service program includes weekly phone calls to the home owners to address any concerns they might have. A weekly status report is then completed online and available to the carrier through GClaim, a web bases file management program.

Contractors submit weekly reports indicating current status, and the objectives for the next week.

Upon completion, Inland DKI insures all work is completed to specifications and the homeowners sign off that they are satisfied.

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